About Us

TON BLANC, the fashion brand that creates minimalist and timeless apparel styled for women of all ages.
Each garment is distinctively designed and carries it's own modest signature expressing our minimalist style for every women. Our customers can find a unique piece of their soul in every TON BLANC collection.

We based our offering on the principal of delivering high-end quality minimalist designs for a reachable price. We create collections for each season and our varied designs, modern techniques and selected patterns are aimed to keep all our ladies at the forefront of fashion.

TON BLANC also offers a stylish affordable children’s line. We created children's line keeping in mind that each child should feel comfortable and creative in her look. This line is "naturally stylish with a childish soul".

Our global fashion team is composed of handpicked talented international fashion designers and you can find TON BLANC all over the world with local sales-points in Europe, Middle-East and Asia extending from Paris to Dubai.